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Understanding Why LMI Matters!

December 11, 2019

The labour market is “the supply of available workers in relation to available work.” Labour market Information (LMI) tells you about the current climate of a particular industry with respect to labour market conditions and trends. LMI helps individuals make educated decisions about their careers and education, and it helps employers with their employment and business plans.Read More

Submitted by BP Group Solutions Owning and operating a business is no easy feat. Every day presents a new opportunity or brings a new challenge. Taking advantage of opportunities means having the right people in place in the right positions. Attracting fresh, new talent while retaining their most valued employees is a challenge, especially forRead More

Health insurance is a hot topic in today’s world. Health care costs are on the rise and everybody is looking for a cost-effective plan. To give you an idea, health care costs have risen quite a bit for the average Canadian family. In a mere 20 years, costs have gone up almost 70% for most families.Read More