Understanding Why LMI Matters!

The labour market is “the supply of available workers in relation to available work.” Labour market Information (LMI) tells you about the current climate of a particular industry with respect to labour market conditions and trends.

LMI helps individuals make educated decisions about their careers and education, and it helps employers with their employment and business plans.

The St. Paul & District Chamber of Commerce is leading a Labour Market Scan & Plan for the St. Paul and district.  The data collected will allow us to benchmark the current labour market and project future labour market trends and needs within the region.  Having LMI information readily available will allow municipalities, employers and organizations to identify and fill gaps in the labour market now and plan for future needs to ensure our region continues to develop and grow.

You can assist us in gathering LMI information and moving our communities forward by completing the Employer Survey and sharing the Worker Survey with your staff.

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